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  • Mike Beernink
    Managing Partner

    Mike Beernink is the Managing Partner here at Finch Chrysler, a role that he took over in November of 2016 with over four years of Management experience with Finch Auto Group already under his belt. Mike's passion for Sales started at a young age, blossoming in his youth as he worked for his family's farm equipment company. So when the opportunity came for Mike to transition into the automotive industry, he seized it and never looked back.

    Mike understands the importance of putting together a great team and he is so proud of the group that we've assembled here at Finch Chrysler. With Mike at the helm, the entire staff here at the dealership strives to constantly grow and develop through coaching and learning. The positive reviews and great feedback that Mike receives from our customers tells him that the team is succeeding in its quest for constant improvement.

    The role of Managing Partner is certainly a 24/7 job, so when Mike does find himself with some free time he prefers to spend it with his family and his friends. In the summer time he also loves to get out golfing in the rare opportunities that present themselves.

    Mike's ultimate goal is to ensure that the team here at Finch Chrysler delivers the best possible experiences to our customers. His passionate, kind and knowledgeable demeanour make him the great leader that he is and this leadership will ensure that you, as our customer, will always remain our top priority.

  • Shannon Maloley
    VP Business Development - Finch Auto Group

    Shannon Maloley is the VP of Business Development for the Finch Auto Group and she brings with her a wealth of experience, having been in the automotive industry since 2000. After obtaining a 3-year diploma in the Child & Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College, Shannon embarked on her long road in the auto industry which eventually led her to us.

    Before joining our team, Shannon spent seven and a half years working for Strickland's in Stratford, commuting from her home in London every day. Her position within our Auto Group allows her to work closer to home and to spend more time with her family, including her husband Scott and her two sons, Owen and Carter. At the same time, Shannon still strives for a high level of performance within her career, which is another goal that she is able to achieve as a member of the Finch family.

    Away from work, Shannon enjoys a wide range of activities including dinner parties with friends, exercising, travelling and, of course, spending time with her husband and children. She is also a supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society, holding cancer as a cause close to her heart.

    At the end of the day, Shannon is inspired by those around her as she watches how small actions can have a big impact. She has always enjoyed helping others and finds great pleasure in helping people to achieve their goals. She has an optimistic outlook in all situations and she believes that a smile can go a long way. It is because of all of these great qualities (and many more) that Shannon is a tremendous asset to our team.

  • Danna DeJong
    VP Community & Employee Relations - Finch Auto Group

    As a member of the Finch Auto Group team since 2002, Danna Dejong has done so much to make her the perfect VP Community and Employee Relations. With an outgoing, friendly nature and a great sense of humour, Danna is great at communicating and connecting with everyone with whom she comes into contact.

    Since her youth, Danna has always been inspired by those that perform acts of kindness to others and she always looks for opportunities to pay it forward. Her compassionate attitude is sure to improve the quality of your Finch experience.

  • Diane Prior
    Secretary Treasurer
    (519) 686-1988

  • Dave Penhale
    Used Car Manager

    Used Car Manager Dave Penhale joined our Sales team in September of 2013. For Dave, starting g a career in the automotive industry became a goal from a young age he grew up working on cars and developing an absolute passion for them. Since joining our team, Dave has made it his mandate to work extremely hard for his customers. Whether he's getting you the most money possible for your trade-in or getting you the best deal possible on a new or used vehicle, Dave is absolutely someone that you want to help you through purchasing process.

    Dave loves his job for countless reasons. The most rewarding part of his role is seeing every customer leave the store knowing that they got a great deal here at Finch Chrysler

    When he's not at work, Dave spends as much time as possible with his son, Brody. He also has a wide range of hobbies including hunting, fishing, motorcycles and (obviously) cars. You might be surprised to learn that Dave is also a part-time farmer with an absolute passion for farming!

    Dave has proven himself to be a major asset to the Sales staff here at Finch Chrysler and we are grateful to have him in a management role at the dealership.

  • Steve MacIsaac
    Sales Manager

  • Mike Johnson
    Sales Manager

    Mike Johnson is a Sales Manager here at Finch Chrysler. After working for 13 years with Best Buy as a Sales and General Manager, he transitioned to car sales in August 2015. Mike enjoys bringing a genuine and personable approach to helping clients. When the opportunity came to transition into a leadership role, it was a perfect fit. It allowed Mike to have the ability to help out with both employee and customer experience translating into a very positive and enjoyable environment.

    In his spare time, Mike enjoys being the head coach of his daughters fastball team and also being a supporter at their dance recitals and competitions. Other than watching his young ladies perform on the field and off, he enjoys sitting by the pool with his family and friends and also golfing as much as possible.

    A fun fact about Mike is that he can currently type at 130+ WPM at 99% accuracy. He could type 100 WPM at 9 years old and won various typing competitions. Why should a customer choose to work with Mike? Mike says "We can shoot the breeze while we find the best vehicle to fit your lifestyle needs. I can relate with the busy family and understand the importance of a vehicle that suits every family's needs".

  • Jim Kelch
    Service Manager
    (519) 686-1988

    Jim began his career with Chrysler in 1999, when he was a fresh grad from the Motive Power technician program at Fanshawe College. He has been a dedicated employee ever since, joining the Finch Chrysler team in 2013. 

    Since then, Jim has moved up to Shop Foreman in 2015 and to Service Manager in 2017. Throughout his time at Finch, him and his team continuously strive to deliver the best possible service to every customer that walks through the door.

    Jim spends his free time with his wife Lisa and their kids - Emily, Isaiah, and Owen. They all love to travel to far off places, but also love their home right here in the London area.

  • Fred Lesmeister
    Parts Manager

    Parts Manager Fred Lesmeister has been working here at Finch Chrysler for decaded, starting in August of 1988! Fred grew up working on cars with his father and his older brother, developing a passion for automobiles that ultimately led him to a job in our dealership.

    The most rewarding part of Fred's job is reading positive customer surveys and knowing that he and his team truly went above and beyond to ensure a fantastic customer experience. Fred views his Parts Department as an extension of the Service Department, so he makes it his top priority to have the right parts in the shop at the right time to ensure that we do the best possible job of servicing each and every customer.

    Fred's hobbies include spending time on the golf course in the summer and on the hockey rink in the winter. He also loves spending time with his daughter and taking hikes with his dog. You might be surprise to know that Fred is also a committed blood donor who has donated every month for the past 13 years!

    With his decades of experience at the dealership, it goes without saying that Fred is a true fixture here at Finch Chrysler. We can't even imagine the place without him!

  • Greg Proulx
    Financial Services Manager

    Financial Services Manager Greg Proulx has been with Finch Chrysler since October of 2013. Greg got his start in the automotive industry washing cars and he admits that his primary motivation at the time was getting a job where he could drive around fancy new vehicles. Nowadays, Greg's top priority is ensuring that every customer enjoys a happy, easy car-buying experience from start to finish.

    Greg loves his job because of all of the great conversations that he is able to have and the new and exciting people that he is able to meet during the loan process. Additionally, Greg is also happy to be able to contribute to the excitement of the car-purchase process for each and every one of his customers.

    When he's not at work, Greg enjoys spending as much time as possible with his two young sons. Outside of his family life, Greg loves taking in live music by attending concerts and music festivals. He also counts stand-up paddle boarding among his favourite hobbies as it allows him to spend some serene time to himself out on the water.

    Greg brings a fresh and fun attitude to our staff and we are so thankful to have him on board.

  • Gord Hansen
    Financial Services Manager

    Financial Services Manager Gord Hensen got into the automotive industry about 32 years ago. Gord admits that he just wanted to try something new that would help lead to his success today. 

    Gord likes to spend quality time with his wife as they both take pride in home duties. Gord enjoys gardening when it's nice out, going on vacations down South, and travelling to the Caribbean twice a year.

    Something that people might be surprised to learn about Gord is that even though he has spent the last 32 years in the automotive industry, Gord has experience in many different fields. 

  • Toni Sutter
    Financial Services Manager

    Toni has been with the Finch Auto Group since 2015, starting at Finch Chevrolet and moving on to Finch Chrysler in November 2017. Prior to that she spent fifteen years working as a mortgage specialist along with her husband.

    Toni has moved to Canada from the Philippines and spent many years in Toronto, where she also met her husband in 2000. While there, they both enjoyed biking to work as much as possible, and all the exciting events, restaurants, and museums the city has to offer.

    They decided to move to London to bring their two kids - Lily and William - closer to the extended family, which is when Toni joined the Finch team. The thing she loves the most about her work is seeing the smile on a customer's face as they get approved for the second biggest purchase in their lives - their new dream car!  

    In her spare time, Toni loves to keep active and spend time with her family. She also loves visiting her best friend in Toronto or relax at the family cottage in Kincardine.

  • Adam Durkin
    Fleet Manager

    Meet Adam Durkin, Fleet Manager for Finch Auto Group. Adam joined our team in 2018 and has become an invaluable member of our Sales operation thanks to his excellent organizational skills and efficiency. Adam is firmly committed to going above and beyond for each and every one of his customers.

    For Adam, one of the best aspects of his position is that he's been able to work and forge relationships with co-workers across our Auto Group. He has a fun-loving personality which his customers and fellow team members alike have come to appreciate.

    Away from work, Adam loves spending quality time with his beautiful wife and their young daughter. He has mastered the art of tying ponytails and taking pictures of his little princess. Adam's other hobbies include riding motorcycles and snowboarding.

    Adam has proven himself to be a vital member of the Finch Auto Group team. He shows up every single day with a big smile on his face and brightens the days of all those around him.

  • Finchy
    VP Fun

    Learn more about Finchy by clicking here!

    While Finchy may be the youngest member of the Finch Auto Group Executive Team, he makes up for his lack of experience with unparalleled enthusiasm. Finchy joined our team in 2016 when the high-energy blue finch took on the position of VP Fun. Since then, his passion for delivering high-quality customer experiences and cheering on the London Knights has been absolutely contagious. 

    If you've attended a Knights home game recently, there's a good chance that you and Finchy have already shared a firm high-five. Maybe you've even had your picture taken with this big bird; he's very photogenic. If you haven't already met Finchy, you'll likely run into him soon at Bud Gardens or at any number of other community events.

    In the meantime, feel free to keep tabs on Finchy's ongoing adventures by following him on Instagram.

  • Josh Parkinson
    Internet Sales Manager
    1-866-237-3891 ext. 530

    Internet Sales Manager Josh Parkinson joined our Sales team in November of 2013. For Josh, the decision to enter the automotive field was an easy one based on his love of cars and his personable demeanour. To put it simply, Josh knows a lot about our products and he loves to impart that knowledge to his customers. 

    As Finch Chrysler's Salesperson of the Year in both 2015 and 2016, it's clear that Josh's knowledge and personable demeanor have not gone unnoticed by our customers!

    Josh's favourite part about his job is watching his customers drive off the lot in their new vehicles with big smiles on their faces. After that, receiving a great online review about a positive purchasing experience just adds a huge cherry on top!

    In his spare time, Josh loves spending time with his wife and their dogs as well as playing sports like golf and baseball. He also enjoys working out and doing whatever he can to stay active and healthy. Of course, all of that physical activity requires fuel, which is why Josh makes sure to drink two energy drinks per day!

    Josh takes the time to get to know each and every one of his customers so that he can better understand their wants and needs. This allows him to help each customer find the perfect vehicle to fit their family life as well as their budget. This is why Josh is beloved by his customers and it's why were are so thankful to have him on our team.

  • Justin Thorburn
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Justin Thorburn joined our team as a Sales & Leasing Consultant in September of 2015. Justin is the consummate people person and he loves that his job allows him to interact with a wide range of people and develop new relationships on a day to day basis. For Justin, the ultimate reward comes from watching his customers leave the store with smiles on their faces and knowing that he was able to make that happen.

    In his spare time, Justin loves staying active with his two sons who keep him plenty busy in his time away from the dealership.

    Ultimately, Justin takes great pride in his commitment to honesty and transparency. For Justin, it's all about the Golden Rule: he treats others as he would like to be treated. That is why Justin has such a strong and devoted customer-base that is growing every day and it's why we are so happy to have him on our team.

  • Craig Harwood
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (519) 871-3759

    Craig Harwood joined our team as a Sales & Leasing Consultant in March of 2016 after he was approached by an employee at the dealership who thought that Craig had the right stuff to thrive in the role. Since then, Craig has made it his aim to deliver a low-pressure, upbeat purchasing experience for his customers with a focus on having fun throughout the process.

    Craig loves his role because of the wide range of people that he gets to deal with on a day to day basis. For Craig, the happiness of each and every one of his customers is priority number one and it's what makes each day great.

    When he's not at work, Craig loves spending time outdoors playing golf and hockey or having fun with his dog, Cash. You might be surprised to know that Craig was a funeral director for 16 years before joining the team at Finch Chrysler!

    Craig has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Sales staff here at Finch Chrysler and we are happy to have him on our team.

  • Moh Makki
    Sales Consultant

    Moh has been with the Finch Chrysler team since June 2015. Prior to that, he was an internet manager for Finch and Elgin Chrysler and was offered the opportunity of joining the sales team in December 2017.

    In his free time, Moh loves playing basketball and spending time with his wife and family.

  • Ezz Fadel
    Sales Consultant

    Ezz Fadel joined our team as a Sales & Leasing Consultant in August of 2015. Having previously spent some time working factory jobs, Ezz's passion for Sales and a desire to take his career in a new direction led him to a job in the automotive sector. Moreover, prior relationships with a number of Finch Chrysler employees and a true passion for the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM brands brought Ezz directly to us!

    With every single customer interaction Ezz makes it his goal to try and debunk the stereotype of the typical car salesman by helping people realize that purchasing a vehicle doesn't have to be a painful process. He strives to make the car-buying process as easy and smooth by truly listening to the wants and needs of his customers and working hard to find the vehicle that is perfect for them.

    In his spare time, Ezz loves to spend time with his daughter by engaging in all of her favourite activities. He also loves making time to get his creative juices flowing by dabbling in creative writing and comedy. You might be surprised to learn that Ezz used to be a stand-up comedian and he still loves getting together with his comedy buddies to make hilarious videos for social media.

    Ezz is truly a valuable asset to the Sales staff here at Finch Chrysler and we are happy to have him and his fun-loving personality on our side.

  • Clark Shen
    Sales Consultant

    Sales Consultant Clark Shen has been an automobile enthusiast since he was a little boy. Clark knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the automotive industry and majored in automobile engineering. After schooling, Clark took on his first job as a Sales Consultant back home which he continued for 15 years before coming to Canada.

    In his spare time, Clark enjoys travelling to various countries with his family. He has traveled all around North America with his truck in just 70 days! Clark puts a lot of emphasis on how much he loves to travel with his family.

    Something people may be surprised about Clark is that his cooking skills are top-notch. Variety in the kitchen is another one of his expertise as he can cook more then one hundred different dishes!

    Clark treats people the way he likes to be treated. His 16 year experience in the automotive industry has taught him a lot about customer service and patience. With a very warm heart, Clark strives to ensure the most efficient experience one can get at our dealership.

  • Jordan Fish
    Sales Consultant

    Jordan is new to the automotive industry. Prior to joining our team here at Chrysler, Jordan worked in the hospitality industry. He held a variety of positions from bar-backing to bartending and serving at London's local Ceeps and Barney's Patio.

    In his spare time, Jordan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends. He also trains in Muay Thai boxing, but as a more creative outlet, Jordan loves to draw and to play music.

    Jordan's empathetic personality and genuine love of helping people are what makes him a unique and valuable addition to our team. We're happy to have him aboard!

  • Jenn Loveday
    Sales Consultant

    Jenn is relatively new to the auto industry, having joined it only a year and a half ago. She has been with Finch Chrysler since August 2018.

    Jenn loves taking on new challenges and the fact that there is always something new to learn. She brings a decade of sales and customer care experience to the table and knows first hand how stressful it can be to purchase a vehicle. With every client she meets, Jenn tries to alleviate as much of that stress as possible.

    Jenn is artistic and enjoys creating all sorts of crafts and staying active in many different ways. She spends her spare time with her family and friends, and her adorable husky, Pandora. She also does kickboxing and spends time outdoors gardening, hiking, and fishing.

    Jenn is friendly, knowledgeable, patient and would love to help you find your dream car!

  • Steve Plummer
    Sales Conultant

  • John Reid
    Service Advisor

    John Reid joined our team as a Service Advisor in April 2010. By that time, he already had decades of experience in the automotive industry under his belt having entered the field in 1986. While John's fantastic, helpful co-workers make him happy to come to work every day, it's the ability to help out all of his amazing customers that really make him love his job.

    In his spare time, John loves working with tools, including woodworking, restoring canoes and building decks and fences. Of course, he also loves spending time with his wife and daughters. You might also be surprised to find out that John is an avid collector of Spiderman memorabilia. This unique hobby started when he was six years old and since then John has acquired a collection of over 700 pieces!

    John has a firm understanding of why his customers prefer to come to Finch Chrysler to service their vehicles. He is a great illustration of the values of the entire Finch organization in his trustworthy nature and his emphasis on taking care of his customers first and foremost. For this reason, we are truly grateful to have John on our team.

  • Pete Donald
    Service Advisor

    Pete has been with the Finch team since November 2017. Previously, he worked as a service advisor since 2002 for a Chevrolet dealership in London, Ontario.

    Pete enjoys spending his free time with his family and two kids, who all love to watch the Bluejays play.

  • Dave Lowry
    Service Advisor

  • Callan Hofland
    Warranty Administrator

    Service Administrator Callan Hofland has been in the automotive industry for as long as she can remember. When she was younger, she was always helping her father fix cars at a young age. This allowed her to naturally transition into position she's in today. Callan enjoys learning and trying to improve upon her automotive skill set on a daily basis. 

    In her spare time, she loves to travel locally and abroad, spend time with family and friends, and simply just learn as much as she can. Some people may not know, but Callan lived in Windsor for 5 years while getting her Business Degree!

    When you deal with Callan, you will encounter honesty and integrity. Callan wants to make sure that people are completely satisfied anytime they step foot in Finch Chrysler!

  • Sandie Vleeming
    Service Administrator

    As the Service Administrator here at Finch Chrysler. Since joining the team in July of 2015, Sandie has been meeting new people and brightening their days with her bubbly, fun-loving personality and contagious smile.

    She absolutely loves that her position allows her to see new faces every single day and to develop lasting relationships with those people.

    In her spare time, Sandie stays plenty busy with her three teenage boys. Her favourite hobbies include interior design and decorating - particularly around the holidays - and she loves helping others decorate their homes as well. You might also be surprised to learn that Sandie was a professional photographer for ten years before joining the team here at Finch Chrysler.

    Sandie loves working here because of our great, helpful staff and we love having her because of her ability to make everybody's day a little bit better!

  • Lori Field
    Service Administrator

    Lori has been a part of the automotive industry for about a decade, and has joined Finch Chrysler in April 2018.

    To Lori, the most important thing about her work is customer service. She loves talking to people and making them smile, and her warm personality lets her do exactly that every day with both the customers and her coworkers.

    Away from work, Lori loves doing yoga and getting lost in nature. Lori likes hiking the trails around London, Ontario, but when she can get away, she loves doing some more serious hiking in places like the Sabino Canyon in Arizona.

    In her downtime, she also loves to crochet intricate handmade items and is now working on cute outfits for her new grandchild - a beautiful baby boy named Elijah.

  • Frannie Simms
    Sales Receptionist

    Frannie joined Finch Chrysler in 2017 as a nighttime receptionist and switched to full time in mid-2018.

    She is new to the automotive industry, but she loves the reception post as she gets to meet a lot of new people and share in their excitement when they're buying their new car.

    In the future, Frannie hopes to enter into the field of law and she believes that her experience at Finch Chrysler has provided many valuable skills that she can apply to her career.

    Outside of work she loves hanging out with friends, attending concerts and festivals and playing soccer or any other sport. Frannie also has a 6-year-old puggle named Tyler, and she loves all animals and volunteers as a foster. When customers or coworkers bring their pets to Finch Chrysler, she is always fully prepared to cuddle and play with them.

    Frannie also loves to travel and to explore other regions and cultures. She has travelled throughout Europe to Italy, Switzerland, France, and Germany and hopes to travel to Australia and Thailand in the future.

    A fun fact about Frannie is that she has a large family! Although she has no "full" siblings, she has 14 half and step siblings.