Synthetic oil has significant advantages for car performance. It produces lower emissions, and it's considered to be better than conventional oil. While synthetic oil is made from a base oil product and additives, it also contains a carrier oil that makes it possible to evenly distribute the powder additive.

While conventional and synthetic oil is made from the same base, synthetic oil comes from refined crude oil. However, some are made artificially with compounds instead of the base oil. This makes some synthetic oils better than oils with the ability to reduce friction and decrease the amount of sludge in the engine.

With synthetic oil, you can keep your clean engine and reduce impurities. It also helps your car work better in extreme weather, such as frigid cold temperatures. Want to know what the best oil would be for your car? You can stop by Finch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and talk to our service team in London, ON to get the best oil possible.