There are those drivers that attempt to intimidate and anger others on the road even in London. These drivers beg those who observe the courtesies of the road to respond to their antics. Reporting them without proof is futile as your complaint is just that—a complaint.

Obnoxious drivers cause accidents, leave responsibilities behind, and create road rage issues in those who would otherwise be calm, law-abiding, citizens. Thought the people who flaunt their anonymity and individuality through the harassment and endangerment of others know about the existence of instant recording devices, that knowledge has not caught up with their senses.

Instead of experiencing the angst of road rage, come to Finch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and have a dash cam installed that will record the antics of the obnoxious driver, including the license plate number. With dash cam proof in hand, your complaint to law enforcement becomes a proven accusation.